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Adding Visual Uniqueness for Websites

When your website is almost exclusively “stock” images, your company looks pre-launch or early-stage.

By not having current or recent images of your business, business location, products, and people, your ONLINE CREDIBILITY is substantially degraded.

And for professional services and management, include staff photos w with links to their LinkedIn profiles.

Website Photography

While many websites use (or rely on) stock imagery form a variety of sources, the risk is that somebody ELSE uses the same piece of stock imagery. There are a number of websites that provide “royalty free” stock images for a single one-time payment, like ImageClub, Getty Images, iStock Photos (many of which are all owned by the same parent company). By LICENCING an image, you do not generally get exclusive rights, which may mean a competitor may end up choosing the same image for their website, emails, or in-store displays.

Custom photography is more expensive, when using a professional photographer (we have a directory of local photographers in the directory for YOUR COMMUNITY.) This has the added advantage of excellent equipment, perfect lighting, and the experienced eye to get the perfect shot.  They also have the experience to know subtle ways to enhance the image so they look even better than in real life.

Of course, with digital cameras and smartphones, everyone has access to pretty good camera and lens, and can take fairly high resolution images. But keep in mind, you may not have a professional photographer’s eye and experience to get that perfect commercial quality image for your website.


is worth a thousand words

Project Photography

Mark Ruthenberg is available for digital project photography, for your website, or for other purposes. See the Gallery of images to the right.

Mark has also done significant People Photography, and those images are subject to privacy conditions of the subjects, so are not included in our Galleries.

Good photography seems to be

1/3 the camera,

1/3 the photographer’s eye and

1/3 the opportunity (right place, time, and light).

Photo Galleries   (click to view)

Many of the fine photos used on this website, and our client websites are taken by Mark Ruthenberg, who now has his own website (Mark  featuring his photography, paintings and pastel drawings. Please view the portfolio of images there, and buy prints (unframed or framed). if you wish.

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