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Movie Listings, Reviews & Rankings upgraded

FoundLocally’s movie listings have long been a popular place to check out the local movie showtimes. The Showtimes are linked for our Home page (“Top Links”) and from the Movies & Entertainment home page. We have made a number of changes to improve their usefulness:

  • Movie Showtimeshave all local theatres on one page, so you don’t have to click around the website to find times. Movie listings are now updated each Thursday, so you can better plan your weekend’s viewing.
  • Capsule Reviews, with ratings, posters, and YouTube movie trailer links
  • Reviews for movies coming next week, so you can plan ahead
  • Movie Rankings, which show which movies are showing at the most screens across all theatres covered by FoundLocally (across Canada). Most weekends this quite accurately predicts the weekend’s top movies.
  • Upcoming Video/DVD Releases, including both movies and your favourite TV programs.
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