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Looking for a local Web Marketer or SEO professional?

Support Your  LOCAL (and Canadian) Web Marketers

Local web marketers understand your neighbourhoods, your community, and will help to better reach a local audience than some faceless national company, or some overseas web marketing & SEO sweatshop or call centre.

Here are links to directory of Local web marketers in our various communities (from west to east): Here are links to directory of Local Web Marketers in our various communities (from west to east):

TransCanada FoundLocally Inc is  not affiliated with these independent local web marketing companies, and we are NOT ENDORSING any individual company.Many of these firms may be specialized in web marketing or SEO or SEM, while many others have other additional skill=sets and experience, including ad agencies, web designers, web programmers, database design, user experience and user interface design (“UX”), and graphic design. click on the View Categories button to see what other areas each company might help you with.

Ad if you are not a local company (and especially not a Canadian company)  DON’T EVEN TRY  to add yourself to our directory. if you are a non-Canadian web marfketing company trying to compete without local web marketers, we have a tip sheet to help you “fake it” and help you submit to the most appropriate FoundLocallycom directory.

Add yourself to the FREE Directory

Be sure to add your business or community group to the local directory where you have a physical presence. Our local directory (operating since 1999) reaches millions each year, and is FREE for local businesses. FoundLocally defines this as having a local street address and a local phone number. This helps businesses and consumers find suppliers and services CLOSE TO THEM.

Once you have a free listing on FoundLocally, you can post news announcements, events, jobs (or volunteer opportunities), sales, coupons and flyers all FOR FREE! Add your FoundLocally listing, THEN post these to your listing.

More information about this…. and specific tips for Ad Agencies & Wed Marketers

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