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Get the highest online visibility for Industry Groups and Associations and YOUR MEMBERS using the free listings.

FoundLocally is a great way for business groups and professional associations to raise their own visibility, not just by adding themselves to the high-traffic community directory, but by posting news, jobs, events, and savings to increase the number of pages on their FoundLocally listing, and therefore the number of link-backs to their website. This is especially handy for those hosting events & trade shows, or those taking a lead in industry advocacy.

This approach is very effective for SEO (search engine optimization): the more pages on FoundLocally the more link-backs you have, and the higher your ranking and findability! Many Industry Groups overlook the business opportunity for member businesses, who SHOULD ALSO increase their online footprint by participating in as many directories as possible (and especially the free ones!) With a little bit of effort, they can enhance their online marketing to support their operations: posting jobs, promoting events, promoting sales, discounts and coupons, posting news announcements. Help your member businesses reach an ever-increasing online customer base, save money [on traditional media], increase revenues and become more profitable,

Industry groups and professional associations may support, educate, speak of behalf of, and promote businesses in an industry or profession. Part of their role is strengthen the industry or profession by helping individual members become stronger competitors and thereby be more successful members of their communities.

The tips on this page also apply to Chambers of Commerce, local Economic Development Agencies, and Tourism Marketing Authorities.

Good Industry groups and associations websites not only promote the organization itself, but also have a directory of  member businesses and professionals, with links to their web sites (if there are no links, members should insist on adding this, its not “rocket science” technology!), typically organized by category).

More proactive industry groups and professional associations also help their area businesses grow by hosting educational seminars, either over breakfast (before stores or offices open), at lunchtime (for office-type businesses), or in the evening (after business hours). These seminars educate area businesses on a variety of issues including staffing, benefits plans, advertising and web marketing, handling credit cards and payment alternatives, as well as specific technical issues of interest to business and professional members.

Other Links & Tips

Make the Most of Your PROFILE

Add your organizational listing to promote the organization:

  • Use the Description field to state your key branding message (and describe the profession/industry and the unique qualities of its members
  • Use the Products/Brands to identify key business sectors and products your group focuses on, and the products/services that they provide
  • Link to your organization’s website, and upload your logo or a product/people photo
  • In the Contact field, use the website’s Contact Us webpage instead of an e-mail address, to reduce spam e-mails.

TIP #1: Have your members add themselves to the Free Listings as well, not just for the mention of their name in FoundLocally’s directory (which you, the industry group, might do on their behalf), so they can post their own News, Events, Jobs, and Savings items to their directory listing.

TIP #2: When advising your members to add themselves, remind them to insert (“plug”) the industry group name in the Name2 field, so that users searching by the group (just like with a franchise) can find all local businesses that are members

Multiple CONTACTS may Update Listing(s)

  • Set up multiple contacts per listing to add additional staff people in your organization, so each can post items to your listing, or login and ad additional clients and their websites & locations.
  • Add marketing, HR, and Operations persons to login and update their operational components of their FoundLocally listings, letting you focus on web marketing and website design
  • use the Add/Update CONTACTS in the red What To Do? menu

Post NEWS and Announcements

  • Post announcements to FoundLocally listings at the same time as it is sent out to other media outlets.
  • Dramatically improve your findability by using powerful keywords in the news story with your/your association’s web site and name. This can improve your/your organization’s credibility as an industry information resource.
  • Announcements stay posted until you take them down. On FoundLocally, news has a long shelf life. FoundLocally news is not thrown out or recycled the next day, like with a newspaper!

Posting EVENTS

  • Use the EVENTS tab to post any special events, like “live remotes” with a local TV or radio station. EVENTS postings can link to their own web page if you have an event that people need to RSVP for or buy tickets.
  • Link to pages on your site, the clients,’ or a third party (like, say, TicketMaster or Evite) to handle ticket sales or RSVPs
  • See special tips for Festivals & Community Events

Post JOBS to fill staffing needs

  • Use these listings to recruit people for internal or member needs using the JOBS
  • Non-profit groups (and your fund-raising activities), can use JOBS to post volunteer opportunities, either under their FoundLocally listing or yours.

Add your LOCAL Free Listing to

Don’t forget to also post any News, Events, Jobs, and Savings to promote all aspects of your organization and operations, (using the respective tabs in your listing).
Don’t forget to tell your members that they should also take advantage of FoundLocally’s significant audience & traffic to promote themselves!