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Some of our Favourite SEO Tools and Websites

We’ve found a couple of sites and software tools we find indispensible for a web marketer. Some are tools that a professional web marketer might use, while some are “quickies” that give a business owner/manager an quick advantage, without a steep learning curve or large investment of time.

What every Webmaster needs to know are fairly simple things:

  1. How your traffic is doing compared the other guys’?
  2. What parts of your site are working for you and where is the traffic coming from?
  3. How do search engines look at your site, in order to rank it compared to your competitors?
  4. How can I submit mys site to as many search engines as possible, with as little time as possible?
  5. Where can I find other ools & tricks that will give me a “leg up” on my compettiors?

Web Traffic

Its hard to estimate the traffic levels of competitors, without asking, or having access to their stats (you might just try entering and see if anything pops up!). Here are some good tools for estimating other sites’ traffic. These sites also provide some information about the demographic & geographic audience of a website.

Analytics and stats

If your webhosting provider does not provide stats (or good ones) then you should code Google Analytics into your site. You can login and view all sorts of traffic patterns on your site, and also see which pages are indexed (or not indexed) by the industry leader. I’ve found good stats will give you information Google doesn’t or at least provide a second perspective

SEO Browser Viewers

This website reviews your pages and displays them like a search engine spider will look at them, and provides various key indicators of how your site (or each page in your site) will likely perform on search engines, and in particular Google. Use this on your competitors pages to gain insights into their ranking performance.
Another tool is SEOtoolbook which also checks your keyword frequency & density used on the page, which impacts how well your page will rank on some key search engines

 Sites with lots more free stuff, tools and links

Here are some website with some breate itlle one-feature tools that you can use for free:

Automated Submission Tools

There are two softwares that are great: WebPosition Gold, the industry leader and  AddWeb Website Promoter. Both provide great tools for setting up profiles for your and your clients’ websites and analyze their performance/ranking on various search engines, Most importantly, they track the major and minor search engines and handle automated submissions and re-submission according to both your and the website’s guidelines. Both give a 30 day free trial, which is great of business owner/mangers to do their first submissions for free, and decide which they prefer to buy

We’ll update this list as users send us their suggestions, and their success stories.

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