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EVENTS Help for Business Listing

Information about posting different types of Events to FoundLocally’s interactive Events Calendar, using your listing’s EVENTS tab.

We have made our Events Listings more powerful. Use the Events tab in your listing, after you have logged in, to access these features.

What is an “Event”?

For clarity, an “Event” is a specific activity that occurs in a specific place, for a specific time or period. Things that happen everyday, including a retail “Sale,” are not an Event (use the COUPONS tag for those).

Examples of Events include an art gallery showing for an artist, a theatre company performance, a special museum exhibit, or a business seminar.

Add “Some Days of the Week” EventsSpecific Days of the Week Event Type

Use this page to create events that occur on specific days of the week, over several weeks:

Events can occur on one or more consecutive days of the week (or on a weekend), and cloned as far ahead as 6 months. To use this feature, select Add Event and use the Add Multiple Events form, and select the days of the week that apply. Each week’s Event listing is cloned as a separate &editable event.

When using this form to create events over several weeks, each week will have its own “Event” listing, which you can edit later it/they have been created.

This event type is handy for events as diverse as Sunday church services, Wednesday bingos, or live bands playing in a bar each Thursday thorugh Saturday.


Enter Continuous  or Single Day Events

Continuous Dates or Single Date Event TypeContinuous Events last:
  • A single day
  • Several continuous days (with a single starting date and a single ending date)
  • Every day of the week over several weeks (no days closed or “dark”
    Each such event (up to 6 months’ duration) is added using the Add Event form as a single event.

    Update/Edit Your Events

    Use the Edit button beside each Event listing. Edit event dates, description, even activate de-activate the event (not shown on public listing). Permanently delete your events using the Delete button beside each Event listing.

    Events Automatically De-Activated after an Event’s Ending Date

    They are hidden from the public listing but are not deleted, so you may edit and re-use details for future events.

    Manage Large Numbers of Events

    Use the new “Power User” tab. You can quickly remove all events, or past events, and can also select specific events with checkboxes, even over multiple business listings that you manage.

    If you have multiple locations or businesses (like a chain), you can use the Power User tab to manage the Events for all of your listings at once, including clone an event at one location to apply to some or all of your locations.

    Add Event-Specific Web Links

    With an optional Logo & Link upgrade, you can add Web Links to detailed events information & pictures on your web site, or your online ticket order form. But only WITH LOGO & LINK UPGRADE. FoundLocally now gets 15 million visitors a year, so isn’t it time to consider this? Click on LINKS to accept this.


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