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Entering Web Links for Website, Logo and Contact Email

how to ensure your website gets traffic, your logo is properly displayed with your listings,  and you get inquiry e-mails

You can link form your FoundLocally listing to your website or other web presence (you may have a blog, or just a page on Facebook, MySpace, Linked In or other social networking sites (keep in mind some users will need to login in order to see your listing on some of these sites, or may need to join the site before being able to view your information there). Enter the URL without the http://
Web Link fields on PROFILE page
You can display a logo or photo (for a professional person’s site, for example) with your FoundLocally listing. Enter the URL of the actual logo file on your webserver. If you are unsure how to do this, contact your website designer. Do not re-enter the website URL as this will simply display no logo.
When you receive your listing confirmation e-mail, you can also click REPLY and append your logo file, resident on your computer (any graphic file format) and we will attach it for you, at no additional cost
The Contact Us field give you a choice, enter a general inbox e-mail address or enter a URL for the Contact Us form on your website.
We have offered this option for several years, ever since WE were receiving 3,500 to 5,000 spam emails a day (an you thought you had spam problems!). This happened because we had our general email address on the bottom of every page of our website. This is not typically a problem with most websites, but when you have over 10,000 pages (at the time, we now have over 30,000 pages), your site is well spidered especially by the crawlers looking for email addresses to spam. We quickly replaced every references to and e-mail address on our site to our Contact Us form, where we can police what is said, and by whom. We also realized our own website needed to offer a similar capability to the business listed in our database.
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