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Completing the Form

Discussion of Registered Contact form

Enter your name, and your functional title (ie Manger, Owner, Cook) not your honorific (ie Mr, Mrs, Ms). Do not enter your business name into this form. Then provide us your phone number and email address, so we can contact you should there be any questions about the listing.

If your email address changes, please login and update your contact information. If you are a volunteer with a non-profit or community group, you may want to provide the general e-mail address for the group, so that when you retire from your position the emails are sent to somebody else in the organization. Otherwise if you leave, the emails to you bounce, and the organization will be deleted from our directory.

Then you need to select a userID and password that you can remember. The userID must be unique in our system, so you MAY be told somebody else has already selected that ID., in which case you should select another.  These fields can have letters & numbers but NO spaces or special characters

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