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Choosing Job Categories

Specifying/classifying the types of job opening

Jobs are organized by category, which generally reflect either the industry or the type of work. Once the Job Category is selected, you can choose the most appropriate context-sensitive Job Subcategory. If you do not see an appropriate Subcategory, try another main Category.
If you do not find a perfect fit, make the best selection you can , finish posting the job, and use the Feedback Form (using button at the upper right of the page)to recommend a new category. That way we can review your posting and evaluate your recommendation (or find the best existing category).

How we Created our Categories

We started by doing competitive research, and quickly realized most jobs sites are targetig just “white collar” jobs (that is, people in suits) where they can charge $500 to $1000 for a typical job postingm and toally ingnored the generally lower-paying retail, restaurant and service sector. We added additional categories to cover those types of positions. Over time, we get more Feedback from both businesses and from job hunters about addtional categories to consider, so our categories keep getting better.
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