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Trans-Canada Highway Home Banner Montage website is moving to TransCanada

After the past 20 years serving fellow Canadians, we are retiring the website. Our passion is now focused on our website, which we have re-imagined and keeps growing in popularity. We thank all businesses and the individuals behind them for your support, interest, suggestions, and website visits over the past twenty years. THANKS! What’s Ahead Our great information…

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Coronavirus Updates: Woman With Surgical Mask (by Anna Shvets)

KEY Coronavirus Links featured on local pages

Recognizing people's need for better coronavirus/COVID19 information, we have added links on our various local FOUNDLOCALLY.COM home pages, linking to the most appropriate federal, provincial, municipal websites, local health authorities, to ensure everyone has quick access to AUTHORITATIVE NEWS & UPDATES. We have provided localized information on each of our 30 websites. We've also included content links for activity…

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Trans-Canada Highway-Google Translate Options offers content in 114 languages

Our sites, using the Google Translate tool are now translated into 114  different languages. Back in 2012, we fearlessly announced "FoundLocally says Bilingualism is dead in Canada" when we switched from being only in English, and bypassed being bilingual and offered 57 different languages.  Statistics Canada says, that among Canadian residents, there are almost as many non-official language speakers as…

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FoundLocally announces Mobile/Smart phone version now in “beta” Media Inc. has released its mobile version of its flagship website as “beta”. This new version provides full access to the extensive informational content and the business directory on most brands of mobile smartphones without an “App”. The mobile site is accessible at ** which links to the 30 cities coast-to-coast covered by The FoundLocally community…

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