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Site Redesign Underway

Our Site Re-Design is Complete (almost!)

The Olympics are over (thank goodness) As people stop being glued to their televisions at all hours of the day or night, their attentions will shift back to their own community, their regular lives. And to local businesses like YOURS, and like OURS. And it challenges all of us to also be the BEST that we can be! Why Re-Design?…

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Tips for Web marketers on

We have completed a Pareto Review (80/20 rule) of issues we deal with from week to week. Here are some tips that help you -- THE WEB MARKETING PROFESSIONAL -- get the greatest visibility, with the least amount of effort, while minimizing rejected submissions on And speed the review & approval process for your clients' listings. 1)     Each bricks & mortar…

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Is your web marketing up to snuff? Three Steps to Success!!

You may have a new website, you may have one many years old. Either way, you may not be achieving the results you are looking for. Old marketing methods (television, radio, newspaper, and Yellow Pages advertising) no longer get the audiences they used to, and sure don’t get the results, either. The consumer eyeballs and the future are all moving…

Global Web marketers is a business risk for YOU

Beware of offshore web marketer & SEO firms

The BIGGEST MISTAKE a business can make is outsourcing their website marketing to someone without local expertise. We see SEO/web marketing companies offshoring, or their contractors are sub-contracting offshore to sweatshops GOD KNOWS WHERE. ASK, to be sure. Write it into your contracts. "no off-shoring by contractor, sub-contractor, or any sucontractor of theirs" The future success of your company at…

Dart board, but off the mark

Does your web marketing or SEO company know “local”?

Using an offshore or even a non-local web marketer can have a significant and long-term negative impact on your web marketing, your search engine ranking, and your business success! When you ask your web designer or ad agency to help with your web marketing, do you know who is doing your submissions? Often they subcontract to another company to do the…

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Does your FoundLocally listing need a review?

The FoundLocally listing is important for your marketing. It (or, if you have more than one location, they), along with any other directory & search engine listings,  as well as your website, helps your Google Ranking. What hurts a Google Ranking Inconsistencies  mess with Google's algorithm, because it does not connect all the directory listings to the same website. If…

IndustryTip Sheets

We have Updated Our Industry Tip Sheets

We have updated all of our Industry Tip Sheets for businesses and their webmarketers & SEO professionals. How to get the most BANG on FoundLocally, using our free directory listings. Over 30 tip sheets in all!!    

Postal Codes Across Canada

Regional Maps: Which FoundLocally is a business/location in?

To help people rough on their geography, (see Web marketing for non-Canadians) we have put together these maps to help you figure out  which cities fit where, in the directories... these maps were sourced from GOOGLE MAPS. Western Canada FoundLocally cities Western Canadian postal codes beginning from R to X (plus "H0H0H0" for Santa Claus's North Pole) Ontario FoundLocally…

masonry layout (pinterst-style wall) sections

Enhanced Masonry Layout (Pinterest-style) more fun, more features, more visibility!

We have expanded our masonry layout (Pinterest-style interface) to a broad range of site sections, reached using the Table of Contents  on each page (at the bottom) We have added a lot of visual links to a wide range of content inside our site at the home and major subsections. At the same time, we have expanded our context-sensitive showcase… search box

SEO checklist after doing a web site redesign

Many websites are being redesigned constantly, and some only once every few years…either way, the work is NOT COMPLETE until you ensure that the new website has been properly marketed. What good is a new website, or new branding, or new marketing messages, if the intended audience cannot find it, and see it, let alone be bombarded with repetition of…

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