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Get the highest online visibility for home builders, condo builders, and developers using the free listings.

Home buyers looking at home under construction

Home builders and condo developers can promote both their home building activities as well as their showhomes in new and emerging neighbourhoods & suburbs. FoundLocally can raise your visibility, attract home buyers, and build your brand. Land developers should ensure they, and their home-building partners, are listed where home shoppers are doing their online research.

Smart builders havea corporate listing and one for each of their show homes ror show condos, to multiply their exposure, each linking to a specific website (or webpage). And FoundLocally offers a “two-fer”: Your listing is also included in sister

Lockerby, Sudbury House under Construction

Lockerby, Sudbury House under Construction

Home Builders can take advantage of the FoundLocally site in several ways:

Make the Most of Your PROFILE

Add a corporate listing to promote their company and quality brand

  1. Add additional listings for each showhome they have in different communities. Just remember to remove the listing when the showhome is closed down in the ordinary course of your business, You an link each show home’s listing to the web page or website for that community, and use a community-specific logo or image
  2. Use your listings to recruit people for your construction, sales, or maintenance operations using the JOBS tab. If hiring is centralized, use the corporate listing, if decentralized use the showhome listings. You can use the POWER USER tab to quickly copy job descriptions/postings between listings you control.
  3. We have specific categories for Show Homes & Condos where you can promote your individual homes and/or communities. Add and remove these as necessary and link to specific mini-sites.

Tips For Land Developers

  1. Land Developers should have a corporate listing, and can have additional listings for different developments, which may or may not have their offices and may or may not have their separate website. Use the CLONE button on the PROFILE page to expedite this, and update the Description and the Areas pop-down selection for each development.
  2. Land Developers, who have multiple home builders participating in the build-out of a neighbourhood, should actively encourage their home builders to do a good job of web marketing to increase the builder’s (instead to the local newspaper’s) profitability. This would include participations in locally-focused website and directories. The Free Listings on should always be a part of this strategy.

 Tips for Realtors

If a home builder is working with one or more realtors, they should let them know they should add themselves as well, and mention the builder’s homes and developments/communities in their listings. Like home builders, the realtors are also automatically included in search results on sister website

See Web marketing for Realtors on FoundLocally

Multiple CONTACTS may Update Listing(s)

    1. Set up multiple contacts per listing using the Add/update CONTACTS option in the red What To Do? menu, so a marketing, HR, and Operations person may login and update their appropriate listings.
    2. Use the POWER USER tab to copy existing Contacts over to your other Showhome listings

Post NEWS and Announcements

  1. Post any announcements that get sent out to the other community media. Post announcements about new or completed projects, and when new showhomes are opened up. Community-specific announcements can be posted to both the relevant showhome listing as well as the corporate listing
  2. Dramatically improve your findability by using powerful keywords in the news story with your web site and your name. In addition they can improve your credibility as an industry resource for home buyers
  3. Announcements stay posted until you take them down. On FoundLocally, news has a long shelf life. FoundLocally news is not thrown out or recycled the next day, like with a newspaper!

Post EVENTS to build Showhome Traffic

  1.  Add each show home (one for each community) as long as it has an address & phone number. Each community’s showhome can link to that specific page of your website, so home buyers are better prepared when they arrive.
  2. Use the EVENTS tab to post any special events, like “live remotes” with a local TV or radio station. Please do not use the Events to post your day-to-day showhome business hours

Invite Ratings & Reviews to build Customer Confidence

  1. Invite your buyers to post their RATINGS & Reviews, to help others learn why your homes (or your communities) are worth buying from a customer’s perspective.
  2. We do not permit you (or your family members) to enter your own reviews, but we provide a simple form to e-mail an invitation to your home buyers.

Add your LOCAL Free Listing to

Don’t forget to also post any News, Events, Jobs, and Savings to promote all aspects of your business and operations, (using the respectve tabs in your listing).

Developers should add EACH of your community Show Homes to our directory, while they are in operation. They will be included in our appropriate home neighbourhoods maps,and in’s too!

If you operate in multiple cities,  you can use a single login to add/update all your listings!