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Are We There, Yet?

How to see which of your locations are already entered in the directory.

Many small businesses have previously entered themselves into FoundLocally’s database and may potentially repeat that effort as part of their periodic web marketing. FoundLocally now makes it easy to check if you already have a listing. For chain or franchise stores & restaurants, that may have hundreds of locations across the country, FoundLocally has a StoreSearch.asp feature to quickly see which locations are already entered—which searches across all FoundLocally communities. FoundLocally also provides easy-to-use tools for assigning/updating contacts to for individual listings, as well as adding or removing locations as required
As part of our research into who’s who in various sectors of the economy, we have “seeded” our database with many important national & regional chain or franchise organizations. Often individual locations have added themselves to our database as part of their local web marketing efforts, often as a result of either customer feedback (“why aren’t you on the popular FoundLocally site?”), or as a result of personal web surfing (“I Googled myself, and this looks like a prominent site I should advertise my business on; after all it’s free”).

Small Businesses Doing Effective Web Marketing

Over the years (and we’ve been around since 1999!) many small businesses have added themselves to our community and business directory. This year, when updating their web marketing presence, they scan the internet universe and visit (and in some cases, re-visit) all directories and search engines to post a listing with their current marketing message. Sometimes businesses are creating new listings to promote both their business and their website, while a previous online marketing effort did not have a website to link to.

Check For Existing Listing option for Free Listings

FoundLocally’s Free Listings page  provides a time-saving feature, where businesses can quickly search for their previously entered listings, which they only need to update. Once the listing is found,click LOGIN to update the listing (and if you forgot that long-ago set password, you can have it e-mailed it back to you by clicking the “Forgot Password” tab on the login screen), add a web link, review and update the categories, and post news, events, jobs and savings for your business listing. If your email address changed since you recall adding your listing, click on CLAIM LISTING and create a new profile with your current email address, to update the existing listing.

Chains or Franchises Operating in Many Communities

To quickly find which of your locations are in our database, across all 30 FoundLocally communities, we have created a StoreSearch.asp form. This form searches by name (you can even a partial name) or by address and lists all businesses found by FoundLocally site and noting each’s name, address, phone number.
Store Search Form
Users of this StoreSearch report can also export the list to Microsoft Excel (just click on the Excel icon) so you can do your own data analysis, of locations we are missing, and locations that have been closed and need to be removed from out directory. (Since we do not charge for listings, unlike the Phone company’s directory, we cannot base deletions on whether or not a phone bill continues to be paid).
Please phone us if you would like to make changes to the listings for your chain or franchise business listings on FoundLocally. We have powerful tools that can give a single Registered Contact access to all your listings to standardize the Description, Products & Brands, and Environmental comments, add a Logo & link for the listings (to build branding and traffic to your website), add & remove categories, past job descriptions, news announcements, savings (discounts, sales, coupons), and events for locations you are Registered Contact for. You can also authorize (or de-authorize) additional Registered Contacts for individual locations, or for groups of locations (say, to have a regional or district manager manage these tasks).
Store Search Results Report
TIP: you can also use the StoreSearch form to scope out competitors, potential clients on our site, searching by brand or by address. Please note: our strict Privacy Policy never discloses the name(s) of contacts for any listings., either for you or for other listings, to those not authorized as Registered Contacts for those listings.
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