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There are two reasons for professional advisors to be on FoundLocally: 1) to build your practice, your marketing needs to be professional (yet, compliant with ethical guidelines) but also cost-effective, and 2) so clients and referrals can find your contact info online—even if you do not have a website. Professional advisors need to be on FoundLocally!

FoundLocally’s professional directory includes accountants and financial advisors in the context-sensitive search in our Business-Financial section, and lawyers in our Business-Business Operations section. The TIPS section will cover affiliated categories typical of some professional advisors.
FoundLocally is a great way for Professional Advisors to raise their own visibility, not just by adding themselves to our high-traffic community directory, but by posting news, jobs, events, and savings to increase the number of pages on their FoundLocally listing, gaining both greater visibility while saving money otherwise spent on advertising in other media.

Online marketing generally, and FoundLocally specifically, is especially helpful for those trying to reach a range of youth, seniors, and/or affluent audience. Unlike broadcast media, where a message is fleeting and must be repeated often (at high cost to the advertiser), online messages are “always there” ready to be found when users are looking for information about an illness or affliction can find possible solutions, local specialists and can “drill down” to ever-more-detailed information until their curiosity/information needs are satisfied.

This approach is also effective for SEO (search engine optimization): the more pages on FoundLocally the more link-backs you have, and the higher your own web site’s ranking and findability!

CalgaryOfficeTowersTIPS for Acccountants and Lawyers

  • FoundLocally listings can help accounting & legal  professionals manage their listings consistent with their practice philosophy.
  • If you ARE building your accounting practice, add a comment “New clients Welcome.”
    If your practice is mature, and your schedule is fully booked, then add a comment ”Unable to accept new clients”.
  • Based on the Pareto Principle, even if you are “busy”, you cannot afford to overlook the benefits of web marketing. Typically, the bottom 80% of your clientele   earn you only 20% of your profits, but if you replace some of them with 20% of new clients that pay their own way, you either have more profits with less work (more leisure time for you), or have better earnings to support those clients (typically community groups and causes) you would like to continue to support, 

CATEGORIES: Even though you may provide some accounting or legal services to individuals, all the categories for these services are in the BUSINESS categories, either Financial or General Operations. If there is a key practice area not mentioned in the pre-defined categories, use the OTHER text box at the bottom of the list to recommend a new category or categories.

To save time, we’ve created a number of Templates (which pre-select standard categories) at the bottom of the Add / Update PROFILE page when you add a new listing:
  • Accountant (CA, CGA,CMA…)
  • Financial Services (selling financial products)*
  • Financial Planner (advising only, fee-for-service)*

ADVISING CLIENTS: When you are meeting with clients, you should inquire about how they are managing to control their marketing costs, and how well they are keeping up with the technologies their clients are using (e-commerce, blogging, social media, mobile websites, QR codes).  A client over-spending on marketing (where audiences are declining (like the Yellow Pages directory) or failing to keep up with new technologies are at far greater risk of going out of business. New clients or newly-incorporated businesses need to look at this from the very start.

TIPS for Professional Associations

  • Professional groups should add themselves so that the public can reach them and access their website and online member’s directory. Many medical professional groups overlook the potential business opportunity for members and their professional  practices to grow in a competitive environment, who SHOULD ALSO increase their online footprint by participating in as many directories as possible (and especially the free ones!) Help your members’ reach an ever-increasing online customer base, save money [on traditional media and print directories], increase revenues and become more profitable, 
  • Link: FoundLocally’s Directory of Directorie

Enforcement of professional ethics (self-laudatory claims, false claims of professional status/membership. etcetera) is simplified because directories and the entire Internet are so searchable for key phrases, and web pages provide a semi-permanent (and printable) record of such claims.

Professional groups  (and in-house Compliance Officers) can quickly search for offending phrases in FoundLocally listings

Good professional groups’ websites not only promote the organization itself, but also have a directory of member individuals or businesses, with links to their web sites (if there are no links, insist they add this, its not “rocket science” technology!), typically organized by category.

TIPS For Multi-location professional organizations

If you are a business with multiple offices in multiple cities, or have departments in your organization with different contact numbers, list each separately, with its own description and categories. Use the CLONE button after the first listing is complete. Use the I have an office in… pull-down list ( on your PROFILE pages) to clone offices in other cities.

Making the Most of Your PROFILE

  • Add an organizational listing to promote your professional practice or office
  • Use the Description field to state your key branding message (and describe the services, typical/target clients, and benefits)
  •  Link to your website, and include a phott or logo (like a a photo of a sole practitioner,  your building, or office)
  • In the Contact field, link to your website’s Contact Us webpage instead of an e-mail address, to reduce chance of spam e-mails.
  • Make the professionals in your office findable/searchable by their individual names, after you create the general office listing (with the link and phone number for the office’s home page and reception phone). Use the  CLONE button to create individual listings for each professionals ( you can link to their direct web pages and direct phone lines) use the format: Joe Blow (Professional Corp) with Great Service Lawyers, so that both the individual and firm name are shown. This improved findability for the individual, and gives your firm more positions in the alphabetical order.

Take Advantage of CATEGORIES

  • Use the Template option for “Accountant (CA, CGA, CMA…) “and see if any other categories apply in the BUSINESS-Financial categories for any additional services like investment planning, financial planning, or retirement planning.
  • Lawyers need to select their specializations in BUSINESS-General Operations category options on the CATEGORIES page. (no Template provided)
  • Financial Planners/Advisors have Templates options (One template  if their income is from product commissions; another if income is mostly fee-for-service)
  • Use the ATTRIBUTES to specify variations and audiences


  • Use the EVENTS to post any special events, open houses, seminars, workshops, tradeshow/festival booths, fundraisers etcetera.
  • Link EVENTS  to your web page or a third party site (like eVite) for people need to RSVP for or buy tickets.

Post JOBS to fill staffing needs

  • Recruit people for internal or client needs using the JOBS tab
    When posting jobs for non-profit groups or their fund-raising activities, you can use the JOBS tab to post volunteer opportunities
  • Select any categories that are appropriate to services YOU PROVIDE or goods YOU SELL. There is not cost for any additional and appropriate categories
  • Use the Products/Brands for key service keywords to improve findability (a list is fine here).

Multiple CONTACTS May Update Listing(s)

  • Set up multiple contacts  using the CONTACTS tab and “Add New”, to add additional staff people in your organization, so each can post items to your listing, or login and ad additional clients and their websites & locations.
  • You can also add client marketing, HR, and Operations persons who can login and update the operational components of their FoundLocally listings, so you can focus on web marketing and website design.

Posting NEWS Announcements

  • Post announcements about new associates, facilities or equipment enhancements, even if you do not send these to other traditional media outlets.
  • Post announcements  to FoundLocally listings at the same time as it is sent out to other media outlets
  • Dramatically improve findability by increasing the use of keywords in the news story with you and /your web site. In addition this can improve your/your creditability as an industry information resource.
  • Announcements stay posted until you take them down. On FoundLocally, news has a long shelf life. FoundLocally news is not thrown out or recycled the next day, like with a newspaper!

Add your LOCAL Free Listing to

Don’t forget to also post your News, Events, Jobs, and Savings (Coupons or Sales) to promote all aspects of your business and operations, (using the respective tabs in your listing).

And PLEASE: PASS THE WORD on to your clients, as cost-effective way for them to market themselves.