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Get the highest online visibility for Art Galleries and Museums, using the free listings.

Art Galleries and Museums exist to promote art and artists, though the two have entirely different purposes, with galleries existing primarily to sell art (typically form currently living and painting artists) while museums showcase works often with a historical perspective and combine rotating exhibitions with a museum’s core exhibits. FoundLocally has a free community business directory that has the capability to broadcast information about the exhibition venue as well as about the rotating exhibitions.

University-Royal Ontario Museum
University-Royal Ontario Museum

Make the Most of Your PROFILE

  • Add a free listing to promote your gallery, museum, or community organization.
  • Use the Description field to describe your museum or gallery. Use the Products/Brands to identify key exhibits or attractions, and artists / media, that are showcased in your venue.
  • Space in these fields is limited, so use the field provided for Business Hours (you can note the seasonality of your operation, or change the hours seasonally ) and use the EVENTS tab to highlight “rotating” exhibits.
 TIP: When adding your organization, do not post a description that has year-round value (ie, what is their core business or purpose),  NOT  event-specific . Nothing makes a listing “suck” more than a listing looking out of date the day after the exhibit/event is over, especially when your venue continues to operate and show other exhibits. Post those to EVENTS so they are hidden automatically!

Choose the most appropriate categories

  • Art Galleries & Museums may both have items for sale, with Galleries items typically in the Homes & Gardens – Furnish & Decorate categories, while museums typically sell a variety of souvenirs that are covered in the Consumer Goods categories.
  • FoundLocally only considers non-commercial (ie mainly exhibiting but not selling art) museums as Tourist Attractions.
TIP #1: Commercial galleries (and more significantly, knick-knack “gift shops” and “tourist trap” souvenir shops) should not select  the Travel – Attractions categories. Consumers can find your stores by the product categories for what you sell.

Multiple CONTACTS may Update Listing(s)

  • Set up multiple contacts per listing to add additional staff people, so the marketing, HR, and Operations persons can login and update their operational components of the FoundLocally listings, letting you focus on Events postings and messaging.
TIP #1: It is important to review the Registered Contacts for  group on an annual basis, to hand over responsibility for updating and posting to FoundLocally, and to avoid potential de-listing.
TIP #2: You should have one of the Registered Contacts be the organization’s generic “info@” email address, so that if all else fails, whoever gets that email will deal with updates


  •  Use the EVENTS tab to post all types of events and activities.


  • While FoundLocally does not consider a pure sales event an Event (ie “Bay Day”), but should be posted as a SAVINGS item in your listing, we make a specific exception for galleries!
  • Post the showing or exhibition event to the EVENTS tab using the most appropriate New Event form (we have one form for open-every-day events, and one form for specific-days-of-the-week events, so people don’t drop by on a day you are closed)

    TIP: If you have an opening wine & cheese or a black tie opening event, then add this as a separate event form the continuing exhibit.

  • Link EVENTS postings to a specific web page with more event details, or let people RSVP, or buy tickets.
TIP #1: Link to pages on your website, the clients’ or a third party (like, say, TicketMaster or Evite)
TIP #2: Post an announcement about tickets on sale for a future event,  to the NEWS tab. NEWS items can also link to a specific web page on your, your client’s, or a third part website.

Post JOBS to fill staffing needs

  • Use these listings to recruit people using the JOBS tab. Postings on FondLoclly work as well for management as well as retail and service positions (and all postings are free).
  • If you are posting jobs for a non-profit organization or your fund-raising activities, you can use the JOBS tab to post volunteer opportunities with your FoundLocally listing.
TIP: Job posting descriptions stay in the database after a posting has expired, so you can re-activate it without having to retype it from scratch.

Post NEWS & Announcements

  • Post announcements to FoundLocally listings at the same time as it is sent out to other media outlets (using the NEWS tab of each respective listing)
  • Dramatically improve your findability by increasing the association of keywords in the news story with your web site and name. In addition they can improve your/your client’s credibility as an industry information resource.
  • Announcements stay posted until you take them down. On FoundLocally, news has a long shelf life. FoundLocally news is not thrown out or recycled the next day, like with a newspaper!

Editorial Opportunities for Art Galleries & Museums

  • We may have a listing for you in our Travel – Intown Attractions editorial, which you can submit updates for using the “Send Feedback” button at the top of the respective page.
  • FoundLocally is always looking for good editorial content. We define “good” as content that helps inform and educate the marketplace so they become better, more discerning consumers. Good editorial may advocate a point of view, but should not sell a specific company or its product. The benefit, you get a writer’s credit and a link to your website.
  • Self-promotional stories, on the other hand, are best posted to a listing’s NEWS tab.
 Please contact us with your story ideas, and will discuss them to get a “best fit” between our editorial interests and the business interests of your gallery or museum.

Add Your Business to the FoundLocally Directory Now

Add your business to the FoundLocally directory where you are located. (If you are not sure.)

Don’t forget to also post any News, Events, Jobs, and Savings to promote all aspects of your gallery/museum/attraction and operations, (using the respective tabs in your listing).

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