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Local Information & Free Business Directory is a locally-focused community information web site, integrated with business listings, jobs postings, coupons, news and an interactive events calendar (not just one or the other, like other sites). The website uses Responsive Design and works beautifully on all devices, and is supported and shared on Social Media.

We’ve done extensive research for each community, covering recreation, dining, amateur sports, government & politicians, schools, and business (a lot more than just the touristy stuff). High traffic pages include our movie listings, ski reports, restaurant “Top 5 Listings”, and golf course listings.

Each page starts with context-sensitive business searches. No “category-itis,” like when searching the Yellow Pages(tm)! For example, if you’re looking at dining info, we provide a QuickSearch of restaurants by cuisine. OR use a Detailed Search Form to filter search results (including by street!).

Nailed It!

Local online marketing success!

Farmers Market Crowd
Farmers Market Crowd

Local Directories. Local Search. Local SEO

Businesses (and community groups)  should add a FREE LISTING to their area’s FoundLocally directory. Only LOCAL businesses are included in our directory, with contact info and with a description…everything consumers love, plus a link to your website.  You can reach lots of local consumers through our high-traffic websites. You are displayed in our directories, in our search results, and in our RSS feeds.

Not only that, but a FoundLocally listing helps your SEO, It adds an important link-back for your website (the more the merrier!), but links-backs are not all the same… we’ve been around since 1999 , and our website has an excellent reputation for quality and content with Google (who happens to be younger than we are). Higher  reputation links add to your website’s reputation (as opposed to links form spammy “link farms”) .

Thirdly, because you can post news announcements (not edited, filtered, or delayed like the local newspaper, and live until you take them down), events (like open houses, customer appreciation nights, gallery openings, etc), and sales/coupons/flyers, and job postings, all increase the number of link-backs even more. WHY HAVE JUST ONE LINK-BACK for your business (multiple directory listings for a single business or business location, however are a no-no!)

Web marketing and SEO professionals KNOW ALL THIS, and we are a regular part of heir web marketing activities. We will work with web marketers to ensure they are getting the maximum benefit for their clients! We also have great industry-specific tip sheets to help with this.

Vancouver FoundLocally with new Responsive design

Across Canada

FoundLocally now has thirty community portals across Canada, from coast to coast, for

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