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Get the highest online visibility for web designers and search engine optimization (SEO)  marketers and YOUR CLIENTS using  the free listings.

FoundLocally is a great way for Internet professionals to raise their own visibility, not just by adding themselves to the high-traffic community directory, but by posting news, jobs, events, and savings to increase the number of pages on their FoundLocally listing, and therefore the number of link-backs to their website.

Why we like ad agencies, web designers & SEO pros

Why we like ad agencies, web designers & SEO pros

If your clients look good, YOU look good, and if you look good, the WE look good!

And when online marketing is proven both effective and cost effective, your clients  grow, and grow faster, making it ever-more challenging for those who are not your clients.

Are ALL YOUR CLIENTS on FoundLocally?

This approach also works for SEO clients: the more pages the more link-backs! Many SEO marketers set up one listing for a business’s website, when a multi-location business is entitled to a listing for each location (each with a link-back to the website). Web marketers also overlook the business opportunity for clients (with them as a Registered Contact to update their own info) to use more online marketing to support their operations: posting jobs, promoting events, promoting sales, discounts and coupons, posting news announcements. They can save money [on traditional media], increase revenues, and experience more day-to-day success with online marketing, making the web marketer ever-more important.

Web designers offer a number of skill-sets to their clients. They are important form a creative perspective but are also relied on for their technical knowledge. They need to think “out of the box” both creatively and technically. Web designers individually and collectively benefit when clients achieve greater success with their online efforts.

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Good websites are not just about sales & marketing, though initially that was where all the attention was. Some sites had good e-commerce and some had good product information to support an in-store or personal sales channel, while other sites only had rather lame “brochureware”, often just re-purposed creative content from other media.

Web Design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) provide a range of services for their clients. After designing the website, they enhance the site’s findability on search engines by reviewing, and improving the content and the META tags. Then they submit the site to a number of search engines and directories, some free (like FoundLocally!)  and some paid directories. As well, they will do some pay-per-click advertising with a number of sites like Google, Yahoo and MSN. The Pay-per-click helps bring immediate traffic, while waiting for the search engines to spider (look at every page using automated “bots”), index and list a website in their search results.

Web design & SEO firms can take advantage of the FoundLocally site in several ways. They should (of course) add a listing for their firm, as well as add listings for their clients, to ensure that the web site is promoted to the maximum amount possible, using the FoundLocally Descriptions and other elements of the listing to maximize the links back to the client website, and even maximize link-backs to specific key parts of the web site.

Productivity Tip: We’ve noticed that some directories and some web marketers use a different login for each customer. We recommend that you use one login for all of your firm’s clients (with a separate login for each chain where you are adding multiple locations). Then, with a single  login you can update any of your client’s listings (and you can see which clients are already on FoundLocally, and which are missing). You can then Clone a new listing from an existing one, clone over Jobs, Coupons, and Events between listings, by using the Power User options in the red What To Do? menu

See web marketing tips for Specific Clients & Industries

SEO Check-up

SEO Check-up

When a client has one web site but multiple locations (for example, if it is a chain or a franchise organization) it is in everyone’s interest to get each location listed, not just the one website. FoundLocally has a cloning technology, where we can create all the listings from a single listing you’ve added and an Excel spreadsheet, at no cost to you or your client. (Please contact FoundLocally for the template)

Web marketing tips for multi-location Chain & Franchise Organizations

While Web Design & SEO firms are important to the messaging of each client’s online communications, they are often not part of the day-to-day operations, and should involve the clients in the additional dimensions of the FoundLocally listing that can improve the economics of their operations. This is done by adding client mangers to the CONTACTS tab of the listing. Then they can post to the EVENTS, JOBS, and SAVINGS tabs to fill fundamental business needs, and help generate the profitability to support a proper web marketing effort. We can set up these managers as Registered Contacts using an Excel template, and assign them to the corresponding locations, at no cost to you or your client. (Please contact FoundLocally for the template)

Make the Most of Your PROFILE

You can add a corporate listing to promote their company and quality brand

  1. Use the Description field to state your key branding message (and how you differentiate yourselves from other web design and web marketing professionals).
  2. Use the Products/Brands to identify key target markets and industries your firm focuses on.
  3. If you are working with a multi-location chain or franchise organization (or an interprovincial charitable group), we have a number of “cloning” shortcuts an Excel spreadsheet, so you only need to setup ONE LISTING with description, URLs, categories and logo/photo. We’ll setup the correct FoundLocally directory and areas, and can have appropriate web links for each location and even multiple contacts for each location (like any regional/provincial managers.)

TIP: this cloning process is FREE and efficiently adds many locations to our directory with minimal time, effort and error. Please contact FoundLocally. We will be happy to discuss the best approaches for you and your client’s specific needs & goals..

Multiple CONTACTS May Update Listing(s)

  1. Set up multiple contacts per listing using the CONTACTS tab and “Add New”, to add additional staff people in your firm, so each can post items to your listing, or login and ad additional clients and their websites & locations.
  2. You can also add client marketing, HR, and Operations persons who can login and update the operational components of their FoundLocally listings, letting you focus on web marketing and website design.
  3. Use the POWER USER tab to copy existing Contacts over to other listings you are the Registered Contact for. For example, you can add a number of in-house contacts to specific client FoundLocally listings.

TIP: it would be helpful when posting multiple staff people to client listings that each Registered Contact’s “Title” field might include their title plus the name of the firm (so client contacts don’t inadvertently remove them from a listing, not realizing they are working on the client’s behalf).

Post NEWS & Announcements

  1. You should post announcements (using the NEWS tab of each respective listing) to FoundLocally listings at the same time as it is sent out to other media outlets.
  2. You can post announcements to the client’s FoundLocally listing for them.
  3. If you have multi-location clients, you can use the POWER USER tab to quickly copy an announcement from one listing (head office) and CLONE to the other listings for that organization. You can also use the POWER USER tab to post differentiated messages to groups of listings, so you can have an Ontario announcement, a Maritimes announcement, a Prairies announcement, as well as a West Coat version of the same announcement. TIP: Please contact us beforehand, and we can create special Contacts profiles to handle regional/provincial groupings of the listings you manage
  4. Dramatically improve your findability by increasing the association of keywords in the news story with your/your client’s web site and name. In addition they can improve your/your client’s credibility as an industry information resource.
  5. Announcements stay posted until you take them down. On FoundLocally, news has a long shelf life. FoundLocally news is not thrown out or recycled the next day, like with a newspaper!

Editorial Opportunities for Agencies, Web Design firms, & their clients

  1. FoundLocally is always looking for good editorial content. We define “good” as content that helps inform and educate the marketplace so they become better, more discerning consumers. Good editorial may advocate a point of view, but should not sell a specific company or its product. The benefit, you (or your client) gets a writer’s credit and a link to your website.
  2. Self-promotional stories are best posted to a listing’s NEWS tab, providing exactly one link-back from your free listing.
  3. Good stories with cross-Canada relevance get 30 link-backs, one from each of our city domains. This has a dramatic impact on the value of your site by ranking search engines like Google.

TIP: Please contact us with your story ideas, and will discuss them to get a “best fit” between our editorial interests and the business interests of your client.

Post JOBS to fill staffing needs

  1. You can use these listings to recruit people for internal or client needs using the JOBS tab.
  2.  If you are posting jobs for non-profit clients and their fund-raising activities, you can use the JOBS tab to post volunteer opportunities, either under their FoundLocally listing or yours.


  1. Use the EVENTS tab to post any special events, like “live remotes” with a local TV or radio station. EVENTS postings can link to their own web page if you have an event that people need to RSVP for or buy tickets.

TIP: Link to either pages on your web site, the clients’, or a third party (like, say, TicketMaster)

Add your LOCAL Free Listing to

Don’t forget to also post your News, Events, Jobs, and Savings (Coupons or Sales) to promote all aspects of your business and operations, (using the respective tabs in your listing).

Don’t forget to also post any News, Events, Jobs, and Savings to promote all aspects of your business and operations, (using the respective tabs in your listing). Of course, should be an active part of any web marketing, SEO, and Social Media campaigns conducted for your clients.

DON’T FORGET: add EACH of your clients to the right FoundLocally directory.

Use the Industry Tip Sheets to optimize your presence, and use the Templates pop-up list on the New Profile page to quickly select the most appropriate categories for the most popular business types.

By HELPING YOU look good to your clients, WE look good to you!