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Why do we have two sets of Social Media icons?

Social Media are websites that provide a public forum for sharing and discussing what goes on on the world around you.There are two elements to Social Media:
  • Firstly, us inviting you to follow us and our messaging & join OUR conversation.
  • Secondly, we want to make it easy for you to share content with your friends and colleagues in YOUR conversation.
The two sets of icons are an effort to make is easy and convenient to do so, whether you are using our desktop or our mobile version.Desktop version social media iconsThe first set (1) of icons, which are in color and smaller, are the “AddThis” icons which let you share pages on over 400 Social Media or Link Sharing websites.We’ve provided links for the most popular ones (on both desktop & mobile):
  • Facebook (A HREF=”″>Full list)
  • Twitter (A HREF=”″>Full list)
  • Google+
  • Click on the “+” to see a pop-down list of 20 more site, and click again at the bottom for the full list of 400+ sites
  • Email – send the link of the page by email to a friend
  • Print – quickly print the current page
  • At the right is shows the number of Facebook and Google+ likes that page has received (thank you!)
Mobile version social media icons The second set (2) or icons, the white ones at the right side on the grey stripe on the desktop, and in color at the bottom of the mobile site (click MENU to jump there)From left to right they are: Subscribe to our
  • FoundLocally e-Newsletter
  • FoundLocally’s local Twitter feed
  • FoundLocally’s local Facebook page
  • FoundLocally’s Google+ page
  • Pinterest (which has albums of local photos)
  •  RSS feeds FoundLocally Blog (this site)
  • Feedback
 On the mobile version this has been shortened to:
  • FoundLocally’s local Facebook page
  • FoundLocally’s local Twitter feed
  • FoundLocally’s Google+ page
  • RSS feeds
  • Pinterest (which has albums of local photos)
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