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Get the highest online visibility for real estate professionals using the FoundLocally.com free listings.

FoundLocally provides a free self-service toolkit for individual realtors and for real estate offices to promote themselves, increase findability, and promote their open houses to help drive sales. These tools are great for those with websites (more link-backs) and for those without (finally, an affordable web presence!)

Realtors are in a very competitive business, and it is hard to stand out and differentiate one realtor from another. Even using their web designer’s web marketer’s Realtor Package elevates their SEO findability by increasing their footprint with a number of useful (and often system-generated & updated) pages, but does not help with differentiation.

Realtors can do a number of things to have FoundLocally improve both their findability and their differentiation:

Making the Most of Your PROFILE

  1. Enter your name & company affiliation in the Name field. Either order works, to rank higher in alphabetical order. There are two things we do not recommend you do:
    a) DON’T use a generic web marketing-style label like “Downtown condominiums”… EVEN IF its your domain name. People like to know who they are doing business with. Put the domain name in the Name2 field, which is searchable but not displayed.
    b) Because we are a directory, we want the realtor’s name in the listing,  if you want to use the Realtor category your listing MUST include the Realtor’s name (only professional & licensed realtors may use that category). Do not enter web marketing or branding keywords in the Name field, but offer them as alternates in the Name2 field.If you have multiple domain names, they are NOT entitled to individual listings, but can be listed in the Name2 field, which is not displayed but is included in the searchable fields (as are the About Us, the Products/Brands, and the Environmental fields)To avoid confusion (or possibly misleading the public) office listings without a realtor named MUST list the office’s general phone number and the office’s website, not a realtor’s
  2. Because our business search checks the Name fields as well as the About Us and Products/Brands fields, keywords in any of those categories will help your web marketing, unlike less functional directories (like the Yellow Pages(TM), etcetera)
    b) DON’T use just the office’s name alone, unless you are the broker-owner and are the office’s main phone number and linking to the office’s website. This is misleading, and will get the broker-owner plus the office’s othr agents (who expect their fair share of leads that the office generates) mad at you.
  3. Use the Description field on their PROFILE page to showcase their personal interests and accomplishments.
  4. Use the Product/Brands field to showcase the areas they farm, the types of houses they specialize in. This field is permitted to be a comma-separated “keyword dump” Enter the most common search phrases like “downtown condos”, “Fairview starter homes”, but keep in mind the tight 250 character limit on what you say. Be very selective
  5. Post a link to your website and in the Contact field you can either post your e-mail address or link to your Contact Us form, where you can pre-qualify the buyer or seller in your own way.
  6. In the Logo field, you can either post a logo of the firm you are with, the logo of the office, or your own photo. Logos & Images must fit inside a 250 pixel square. Any larger images will be resized by FoundLocally.BIG DECISION: Use either your photo, or your office’s logo. Only you can decide which is more important to your branding and your success. (you can always chamge this later on)
  7. Choose Areas in the Pop-down list to designate the areas you “farm” or specialize in. Pick TWO, so people can choose you based on how close you are to them. There is no value in choosing opposite ends of town.
  8. At the bottom of the PROFILE page, we have a number of pre-selected Category templates that apply to realtors: Realtor, and Realtor Commercial. And if you work with a home stager, please let them  know we have a category for them, and ditto your favourite mortgage broker. Please do not select “FSBO” in the Homes & Gardens Categories if you are a realtor, since this category is used for services and websites helping consumers sell their homes without a realtor.
Moving In Canada.com logo

Moving In Canada.com logo

TIP#1: Upload photos instead of logos

TIP#2: see comments for US Residents moving TO Canada

TIP #3: Focus on Real Estate

Automatic inclusion on MovingInCanada.com

Once you are in the FoundLocally.com free listings database, you are automatically included in the search results for our sister site, http://MovingInCanada.com, which also has excellent information about Home Neighbourhoods & “Moving HotLists” to help people settling into their new communities.

Opportunity for Broker-Owners

  1. Add a listing for the office, with a link to the office’s web site.
  2. The broker-owner of the office can enhance the online marketing with a listing for each and every realtor in their office. FoundLocally can clone listings for the realtors, using the office’s listing &  description, and data from an Excel template.
  3. We can assign temporary passwords for the realtors, which they can update and then modify their own Descriptions, link to their own website (if they prefer), and post their own open houses to their EVENTS tab.

Posting NEWS Announcements

  1.  Post news about accomplishments and awards to the NEWS. These are live right away (once your listing has been activated), and stay there as long as you want (the default is about 900 years!) … try getting that response and visibility from the local newspaper, unless you are a “Golden Child”.
  2. Announcements stay posted until you take them down. On FoundLocally, news has a long shelf life. FoundLocally news is not thrown out or recycled the next day, like with a newspaper!
  3. Dramatically improve your findability by using powerful  keywords in the news story with your web site and your name. In addition they can improve your credibility as an industry resource

Post Your Open Houses to EVENTS

  1. Post your Realtor Open Houses to the EVENTS. We have a special events type for realtors that help build traffic to the homes you are featuring. You can link to a specific page on your website with info on that property.
  2. Post any public speaking opportunities, or other public/media appearances, so people know where they can meet you

Get Ratings & Reviews

  1. Invite your happy home buyers and sellers to post their Ratings & Reviews, to help others learn why your homes (or your communities) are worth buying from a client’s perspective
  2. We do not permit you (or your family members) to enter your own reviews, but we provide a simple form to e-mail an invitation to your clients.

Add your LOCAL Free Listing to FoundLocally.com

Don’t forget to also post any News, Events (open houses), Jobs, and Savings to promote all aspects of your business and operations, (using the respective tabs in your listing).
Broker-Owners should ensure EACH of their agents has their individual listing combining their name with the office’s name, to ensure the strongest presence in the community. Contact FoundLocally to efficiently set up each agent with a login so they may update & post to their individual listings.