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Job posting Shortcut for chain organizations

How FoundLocally’s cloning tools make it easy for chain or franchise organizations to post job descriptions or job openings to multiple locations. Time-saving standardization with a few clicks of a mouse!

One of the efficiencies of a chain or franchise organization is the standardization of processes, procedures relating to products, service, locations, and staffing. FoundLocally has a great way to leverage that standardization to post your proven and standardized job ads on our site, and to “clone” them to all locations, whether they are currently looking for staff or not. That way, when they ARE looking, all the need to do is login, and activate the listing… no re-typing, and there’s no cost to post the job on FoundLocally! Your locations save time, save money, and hire better people (our visitors are more literate and techno-literate than the population average)!
For those organizations with multiple listings, especially those with locations (stores, restaurants, branches, or offices) in multiple FoundLocally communities, you can copy jobs between your different listings.
Click on the POWER USER tab, and beside “Jobs (and Volunteers)” click COPY. Here you can copy any job posted to one of your listings to any (or all) of your other listings. When copying Job postings, you can choose to copy them as “Active”, which is handy if you are adding a number of new listings and need to hire for those locations. Or, you can copy Job postings as “Inactive” which copies the job posting details, but makes it easier for the location’s Registered Contact to activate at a later time. This wishing information or assistance in quickly setting up contacts for multiple branches please contact FoundLocally.

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