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FoundLocally.com is a locally-focused community information web site, integrated with business listings, jobs postings, coupons, news and an interactive events calendar (not just one or the other, like other sites). The website uses Responsive Design and works beautifully on all devices, and is supported and shared on Social Media.

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We’ve done extensive research for each community, covering recreation, dining, amateur sports, government & politicians, schools, and business (a lot more than just the touristy stuff). High traffic pages include our movie listings, ski reports, restaurant “Top 5 Listings”, and golf course listings.

We also have a LocalMap feature, which ties all the directory information together, based on what is around you! All on one web site, and no more searching all over the place.

Each page starts with context-sensitive business searches. No “category-itis,” like when searching the Yellow Pages&tm;! For example, if you’re looking at dining info, we provide a QuickSearch of restaurants by cuisine. Consumers can use a Detailed Search Form to drill down their search results in ways you can’t DREAM of doing anywhere else (like Restaurants by street!).

For more information about a business, users click on its name. FoundLocally includes business descriptive information, business product categories, their events listings, job openings, news and sales announcements, coupons and more! Logo & Link listings link consumers right to their web site

Advertisers can choose free listings (for local businesses only) or various paid online ad units and positions.

Across Canada

FoundLocally now has thirty community portals across Canada, from coast to coast, for