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Get the highest online visibility for your Non-Profits, Charities, Community Groups  using  FoundLocally.com free listings.

Organizations in the non-profit sector are challenged by having to not only provide the services they are missioned to do, but seek the resources–both financial and human–to get the work done. This involves spreading awareness about themselves to public, so they can choose to get involved with thir group based on their own personal interests, goals and abilities. Such organizations have this challenge compounded by having non-technical staff or volunteers, who often settle for doing things the old fashioned way using traditional media and P/R, overlooking the vast (and growing) audience of  the online world, which provides tools that help them do what they need to do very quickly, and surpisingly affordable (if not free). They do not realize that their own website (in whatever shape it is in) does not have to be–and should not be–their only foray into communicating with an online audience inan online world and that they can dramatically expand their reach and “footprint” beyond that initial effort.

Community groups, charities and non-profits are welcome to promote themselves and their activities on FoundLocally.com

The biggest challenge we have found with non-profit groups is that when the Registered Contact person leaves the organization (or leaves its executive) and their email address becomes inactive, the organization risks automatic de-listing from FoundLocally’s directory. 

TIP: It is important to review the Registered Contacts for  group on an annual basis, to hand over responsibility for updating and posting to FoundLocally, and to avoid potential de-listing.

TIP: You should have one of the Registered Contacts be the organization’s generic “info@” email address, so that if all else fails, whoever gets that email will deal with FoundLocally.com updates

FoundLocally listings are based on your physical/mailing address, so you may only need once listing but you can post events, jobs, or news to other FoundLocally sites in nearby communities, or across Canada.

TIP: If you are national group with provincial or local chapters, you should bet them added in their respective communities and assist them in posting their local items to their FoundLocally site. We have POWER USER tools to enable you to post national news to the chapter’s listing’s NEWS tab. For privacy reasons we need to assist in setting up authority to access and update the listings. There is no charge for our service or assistance.

Making the Most of Your PROFILE

The PROFILE page is used to describe the organization, and should be written in a way it does not become obsolete quickly.

Do not use the PROFILE page to post date-specific information about events, festivals, tournaments or conferences, since you can use the EVENTS tab to post these in much more detail. Likewise

Do not use the PROFILE page to post your need for either paid or volunteer staff, since you have much more room on the JOBS tab for these postings.

That way your listing does not appear dated or “stale”  when that event or opening is in the past.

  1. Use the Description field on their PROFILE page to showcase your organization’s goals and activities.
  2. Use the Product/Brands field to showcase the various activities and programs of your organization
  3. Post a link to your website and in the Contact field you can either post your e-mail address or link to your Contact Us form, where you can prequalify the buyer or seller in your own way. All listings MUST have a local phone number (it can be home or cell phone, but keep this updated when details change)
  4. In the Logo field, you can either post a logo of the firm you are with, the logo of the office, or your own photo. Logos & Images must fit inside a 250 pixel square. Any larger images will be resized by FoundLocally.
  5. Choose Areas in the pop-down list to designate the areas where you are located, or are most active. Pick TWO, so people can choose you based on how close you are to them. There is no value in choosing opposite ends of town.

Selecting Appropriate CATEGORIES

The single biggest overlooked opportunity most non-profit groups make on FoundLocally is they select appropriate categories in the ASSOCIATIONS/PUBLIC SERVICE  section, which describes their organizational form and purpose, but they forget to select categories that describe their operations & activities.

Be sure to select categories that refelect the operations, tasks, and purposes of yoiur not-for-profit goup, so you are found where members of the public are looking for you!!

Here are a couple of examples often overlooked:

  • A sports group should select SHOPPING-Sports categories
  • A self-help community service group may select HEALTH-Counselling
  • A medical research charity may select HEALTH-Traditional categories that relate to their medical interests
  • An educational charity may select additional SHOPPING-Learning categories
  • A Festival organizer or community tourism authority should also select TRAVEL-Attractionscategories

Posting NEWS Announcements

  1. Post news about accomplishments and awards to the NEWS tab. These are live right away (once your listing has been activated), and stay there as long as you want (the default is about 900 years!) … try getting that response and visibility from the local newspaper, unless you are a “Golden Child”.
  2. Announcements stay posted until you take them down. On FoundLocally, news has a long shelf life. FoundLocally news is not thrown out or recycled the next day, like with a newspaper!
  3. News postings can dramatically improve your findability by increasing the association of keywords in the news story with your web site and your name. In addition they can improve your creditability as an industry resource

Posting to EVENTS

Events can be related to your activities & operations, or they can relate to your fundraising. All events are welcome to be posted.

  1. Members-only events are welcome to be posted on FoundLocally, but should be marked appropriately (you might use the Admission Cost field for this)
  2. You can post all kinds of events to FoundLocally’s Events Calendar using your listing’s EVENTS tab. We have two ways to enter events. Use the calendar image to select the event form that is most similar to the event you are holding.
  3. Select the different categories that apply to the type of event. Use as many as are appropriate. If it is a musical event, you may also select a musical genre
  4. If you have many similar events, you can use the CLONE button to copy all details of any existing event, and change only the details that are different (typically date, time, location)
  5. Events disappear from public view after their End Date has passed, but they are retained in FoundLocally’s database. You can re-use these postings for a future event, or for next year’s version of the event. Just update the event listing and change the date to a future date and voila!

Posting JOBS to fill staffing needs

  1. You can use the JOBS tab (and “Add New”) to post recruitments for either paid or volunteerstaff. Volunteer positions are identified by choosing “Volunteer” from the “Type” pop-down list.
  2. Any postings you are currently recruiting for should have the “Active” radio button selected. After positions are filled and/or after the festival is over, all positions should have the “Inactive” radio button selected.  DO NOT DELETE positions at the end of the season/tournament, because you can re-used the postings next year, simply by changing the status back to “Active”, and updating the Posting Information details below.

Multiple CONTACTS to Update Listing(s)

  1. Set up multiple contacts per listing using the CONTACTS tab and “Add New”, to add additional staff people or volunteer organizers in your organizatio, so each can post items to your listing, and update details. Include marketing, volunteer coordinators, and event planners in your organization’s Registered Contacts.
  2. In a volunteer driven organization, you should update the contacts each year, to ensure the responsibility for updating FoundLocally is passed on. Be sure to delete contacts that have left your organization (you must always have at least one contact!). If any e-mail addresses change, be sure to update your Registered Contacts details (if not, your festival listing may get deleted)

Getting Ratings & Reviews

  1. You can invite your stakeholders, donors, and volunteers are welcome  to post their Ratings & Reviews, to help others learn why they should get involved.
  2. We do not permit you (or your family members) to enter your own reviews, but we provide a simple form to e-mail an invitation to your clients.

Additional Opportunities

If you have affiliates in other jurisdictions, or sub-organizations in this FoundLocally community, you can add them in. For example a homeless shelter organization may have multiple shelters, a thrift charity may have several stores for their wares. The listings are FREE, so get each organization or facility their own listing. Please pas the word to all affiliates, stakeholders, and other funding groups about this opportunity to extend reach.

If you are an umbrella arts group, volunteer agency, or charity funding group (for example, the United Way), you should encourage each of your affiliated groups to add themslves to FoundLocally, as well as post any news,events, jobs and special offers on our site. We can help all community, arts, and non-profit organizations to extend their online reach to our audience and build both website traffic and greater community awareness  in a cost-effective manner (ie, FoundLocally provides this service at NO COST to them), so they can use the funds they receive (or at least, more of the funds) for activities and services directly related to their core activities.

Add Your Organization to the FoundLocally Directory

Add your organization to the FoundLocally directory where you are located.

Don’t forget to also post any News, Events, Jobs, and Savings to promote all aspects of your organization and operations, (using the respective tabs in your listing). Don’t forget to tell other affilaites or chapters/offices of your organization that they should also take advantage of FoundLocally’s significant audience & traffic to promote themselves!