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MovingInCanada Enhanced For Americans (Moving To Canada)

MovingInCanada enhanced for Americans (Moving to Canada)

To help the many Americans, who following the election of Donald Trump, are considering  moving to Canada, we have added some features to our MovingInCanada.com website. Each of our provincial and community pages now have a "WHY Move to....?" summary of that province's  or that community's key attributes.  We put it at the top of each page, and highlighted the…

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Upload Images Or Logos: Look Better In Search Results

Upload Images or Logos: Look Better in Search Results

[originally posted Sept 2014, updated Oct 2016] We recommend you do a SEARCH, using the Search box at upper-left, and searching by popular keywords that apply to your and your business (like “realtor” or “hotel” or “sushi”)  Review how your listing appears compared to competitors. You can also click on the editorial stories that appear above the business listings, and try…

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We Are Boosting Beverage Tourism

We are boosting Beverage Tourism

We are working now on Beverage Tourism: we are adding all Wineries, Brew Pubs and Craft Breweries into our directory. ACROSS CANADA (shown above, Black Hills Winery, Oliver BC). While some are already featured in our editorial pages, our directory lets such attractions post events, news, and coupons/deals. Its all self-service (so you can update the info any time). And…

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Enhanced City Pages On MovingInCanada.com And TransCanadaHighway.com

Enhanced City Pages on MovingInCanada.com and TransCanadaHighway.com

We have recently made the pages for each of the 30 major communities more interactive, and incorporated "featured business" listings to the major city pages. On TransCanadaHighway.com, we added features for accommodations (hotels, motels, campgrounds, and long-term accommodation), and travel & attractions businesses (including festivals, attractions, museums, historical sites, travel agents, etc). Five random businesses are displayed in each category,…

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We Are Now TransCanada FoundLocally Inc

We are now TransCanada FoundLocally Inc

The FoundLocally.com, TransCanadaHighway.com, and MovingInCanada.com websites are now part of TransCanada FoundLocally Inc. The company's inception 17 years ago (in 1999) used the ".com Media" in the company name to draw attention to the fact that we were in the web/internet business, which was quite remarkable back then. We also prominently displayed the FoundLocally.com URL on business cards. Nowadays, EVERYTHING is online…

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It’s A Faster New Listing Process

It’s a Faster New Listing Process

We have updated all of our forms, making events, coupons, and jobs postings easier. We have also have added a number of new TEMPLATES for new listings, and now have over ONE HUNDRED differnt templates, for teh most frequently added business types. The templates (at the bottom of the Add/Update Profile form when ADDING a listing) pre-select categories for about…

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LocalMap & Searches Enhanced With Responsive Design

LocalMap & Searches enhanced with Responsive Design

FoundLocally.com’s LocalMap uses your device’s GPS location, wherever you are. You’ll find it’s such a handy feature, that you should add it to your device’s home screen. Search is more than just search, when you can find ALL THE FEATURES right around you—especially when you are lost, and don’t know exactly where you are—so the LocalMap feature is a proximity-based…

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New Table Of Contents For Easier Navigation

New Table of Contents for Easier Navigation

We've improved the Table of Contents on the bottom of FoundLocally.com's website pages. Two years ago, we made them "collapsible" to give  our website a tighter & cleaner appearance, but nowadays Google penalizes website for content not displayed. So, we added back the full Table of Contents back to our page footer, integrated with our Most Popular Links, as well…

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