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Is Your Web Marketing Up To Snuff? Three Steps To Success!!

Is your web marketing up to snuff? Three Steps to Success!!

You may have a new website, you may have one many years old. Either way, you may not be achieving the results you are looking for. Old marketing methods (television, radio, newspaper, and Yellow Pages advertising) no longer get the audiences they used to, and sure don’t get the results, either. The consumer eyeballs and the future are all moving…

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Bank earnings: Canada’s Big Six expected to see boost from robust economy

TORONTO -- Canada's biggest banks could deliver another profitable season for investors as third-quarter results starting to roll in this week are expected to get a boost from the strengthening economy. Analysts expect modest improvements from the Big Six banks, which launch their quarterly earnings reports beginning with Royal Bank on Wednesday, but some suggest the industry could outdo the…

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Toll-Free 1-800 Numbers In Listings

Toll-Free 1-800 Numbers in Listings

Because we work to promote local businesses, all businesses must have a local phone number using a local area code. We permit toll-free numbers (1-800, and also variants like 1-888, 1-877, 1-866…) as a SECONDARY number, but the inherent presumption in our directory is that if you are listed in FoundLocally, you are a local business. Why is what consumers…

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What American Cities Are Eligible For A FoundLocally Listing?

What American cities are eligible for a FoundLocally listing?

First of All, let's be CLEAR: FoundLocally.com exists to help Canadian consumers and businesses find LOCAL suppliers for goods & services. Secondly, we are NOT funded by any government departments, agencies, municipalities, or tourism agencies, so we are not beholden to their arbitrary boundaries. Thirdly, some are markets happen to cross boundaries... that's just the reality of history, work patterns, and…

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Using FoundLocally For SEO Best Practices

Using FoundLocally for SEO Best Practices

i s your site following S.E.O. Best Practices? SEO and web marketing is best done organically, unless your business LIKES SPENDING money it shouldn’t have to. Our last newsletter/post was SEO checklist after doing a web site redesign and now we will cover using your FoundLocally.com listing to get the most “bang” (for no outlay). We’ve been helping consumers and…

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SEO Checklist After Doing A Web Site Redesign

SEO checklist after doing a web site redesign

Many websites are being redesigned constantly, and some only once every few years…either way, the work is NOT COMPLETE until you ensure that the new website has been properly marketed. What good is a new website, or new branding, or new marketing messages, if the intended audience cannot find it, and see it, let alone be bombarded with repetition of…

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Enhanced City Pages On MovingInCanada.com And TransCanadaHighway.com

Enhanced City Pages on MovingInCanada.com and TransCanadaHighway.com

We have recently made the pages for each of the 30 major communities more interactive, and incorporated "featured business" listings to the major city pages. On TransCanadaHighway.com, we added features for accommodations (hotels, motels, campgrounds, and long-term accommodation), and travel & attractions businesses (including festivals, attractions, museums, historical sites, travel agents, etc). Five random businesses are displayed in each category,…

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Media Mentions

Of course, it would be a shame if we're doing a good job and nobody found out. Here are a couple of times we've been mentioned in the media: Calgary Herald: CAPITAL IDEAS: How does corporate culture guide your hiring process? (May 2016) Calgary Herald: CAPITAL IDEAS: How Calgary businesses continue to innovate (March 2016) Calgary Herald: CAPITAL IDEAS: What…

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