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MovingInCanada Enhanced For Americans (Moving To Canada)

MovingInCanada enhanced for Americans (Moving to Canada)

To help the many Americans, who following the election of Donald Trump, are considering  moving to Canada, we have added some features to our MovingInCanada.com website. Each of our provincial and community pages now have a "WHY Move to....?" summary of that province's  or that community's key attributes.  We put it at the top of each page, and highlighted the…

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Ottawa Cuts Newspaper Ad Spending, But Real Focus Is On Leveling The Tax Laws

Ottawa cuts newspaper ad spending, but real focus is on leveling the tax laws

The CBC Newsworld headline is "Ottawa cuts newspaper ad spending amid worries about sector" but the real news is that Ottawa's contract asks the Public Policy Forum to "identify potential options that address challenges in the emerging news media landscape" and they are looking at section 19 of the income tax Act to give the online sales for newspapers a…

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Levelling The Media Industry Playing Field

Levelling the Media Industry playing field

It's time for the government to update Section 19 of the Tax Act. Section 19 of the Income Tax Act impacts Deduction for Advertising in Periodicals and Broadcasters, and limits tax deductibility for advertising expenditures when not using Canadian publishers or broadcast media. This section was designed to level the playing field back in 1965 (with a minor tweak in…

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