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History Of The Trans-Canada Highway Published

History of the Trans-Canada Highway Published

May 29, 2017 Calgary. TransCanada FoundLocally Inc has published the history of the Trans-Canada Highway, as part of the extensive content of its popular travel-planning site, TransCanadaHighway.com [http://TransCanadaHighway.com]. This was done to help people plan and enjoy their cross-Canada road trips to celebrate Canada 150. The website, launched in 1999, attracts 300,000 visitors a month over the busy summer travel…

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Upload Images Or Logos: Look Better In Search Results

Upload Images or Logos: Look Better in Search Results

[originally posted Sept 2014, updated Oct 2016] We recommend you do a SEARCH, using the Search box at upper-left, and searching by popular keywords that apply to your and your business (like “realtor” or “hotel” or “sushi”)  Review how your listing appears compared to competitors. You can also click on the editorial stories that appear above the business listings, and try…

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Ottawa Cuts Newspaper Ad Spending, But Real Focus Is On Leveling The Tax Laws

Ottawa cuts newspaper ad spending, but real focus is on leveling the tax laws

The CBC Newsworld headline is "Ottawa cuts newspaper ad spending amid worries about sector" but the real news is that Ottawa's contract asks the Public Policy Forum to "identify potential options that address challenges in the emerging news media landscape" and they are looking at section 19 of the income tax Act to give the online sales for newspapers a…

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Doing An SEO Check-Up On Your Website

Doing an SEO Check-Up on your Website

You’ve invested in your website, and you’re doing some serious web marketing (you’re on FoundLocally, right?) But are you maximizing your results?  There are two approaches to web marketing & design for web marketing: If you do good design and coding, you can get solid “organic” results on Google, Bing and Yahoo. These sites are competitive and set an ever-higher…

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LocalMap & Searches Enhanced With Responsive Design

LocalMap & Searches enhanced with Responsive Design

FoundLocally.com’s LocalMap uses your device’s GPS location, wherever you are. You’ll find it’s such a handy feature, that you should add it to your device’s home screen. Search is more than just search, when you can find ALL THE FEATURES right around you—especially when you are lost, and don’t know exactly where you are—so the LocalMap feature is a proximity-based…

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Mobile-Geddon: Is It Really?

Mobile-Geddon: Is it really?

Google announced (months ago) that it will adjust its search results to favour those sites with mobile-ready web content.They say changes will affect search results after April 21. This is causing some consternation with many businesses. Why? They are afraid they won’t show up in organic search results costing them traffic and business. Why is Google REALLY doing this? Two-thirds…

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Updating Your E-commerce Presence

Updating Your E-commerce Presence

E-commerce can either supplement the sales of a bricks & mortar business, make the customer process easier for their customers, or indeed create a business selling only online to a specialized but geographically diverse market. FoundLocally has clients who fall into each of these three groups. If your business sells online, you need to stay on top of current trends,…

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FoundLocally Mobile Websites Redesigned, LocalMap Feature Added

FoundLocally Mobile websites redesigned, LocalMap feature added

FoundLocally Mobile websites redesigned June 13, 2014 FoundLocally.com Media Inc has redesigned its mobile version of its website, making its various features more accessible with fewer actions. FoundLocally Mobile websites redesigned, LocalMap feature added Using your devices GPS location, the LocalMap provides a person context for wherever they are. A realtor can see what schools, stores, and restaurants are close…

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Teachers LOVE FoundLocally.com Sites

Teachers LOVE FoundLocally.com sites

FoundLocaly.com offers a number of great educational resources, that help students do good research for a variety of subjects and lesson plans (and for fun, too!). And the nice thing is the information is well-researched, balanced, and current. FoundLocally has lots of content relating to: Social Studies & History Communities & neighbourhoods Recreation & Sports Arts, Theatres, Movies, Festivals We…

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